Day 2 Final project “a child’s imagination”

October 4, 2016 , Tuesday 23:14pm


I was thinking all day all night and I have decided I will make a short movie animated using the Unity 3D.

I was talking to my wife after watching an episode 10 of the gotham series, we were talking about how our little girl is so fascinated about the solar system that I should make an animation/short movie about it.

The ideas are:

  • Kairi is role playing with her toys (maybe making circular objects as planets using playdough.
  • A rocketship and she’s inside or on top of it?
  • Travelling to from the sun on a rocketship to neptune but will also visit pluto at the end as it is only a dwarf planet.

Watched a video in youtube about tutorials for unity 3d beginners

the making of the butterfly effect

searched some final year projects uploaded in youtube.


How make a short film animation guide


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