Monthly Archives: February 2017

App research ideas

the space dog visits different characters and planets with different characteristics and events.


The idea is the character is using a some kind of special telescope and looks at the sky to find objects in the sky and get their description.





Using the rocketship to visit different locations in the space.

I call it more like the solar system song because the lyrics is all about describing the planets.


why mobile app? and some art idea

I researched for some ideas why is it a good thing that I have picked where my project will be implemented as an interactive mobile app.

My idea is to create basic planet 3d model and a rocketship as the main character that will travel with our player/user.

Solar system apps for kids part2

Solar System with Astro Cat

By using a character (Astro Cat) to engage with the children user. Uses fruits to describe how different the sizes of the planets are. There are true or false questions which makes this app aiming for the older children age. (unless if I can use a recorded audio to guide the user example: Tap the blue square if Yes and tap the red square if No.)

Calculating your Earth age into Mercury age is quite cool too. if you are 8 years old in Earth but in Mercury you are 36 years old.

Looking for mobile apps

Here are the mobile apps i have researched available at the moment in android play store.

Solar System Explorer 3D

The app was made by using Unity 3d

enables you to pick a planet and user will be zoomed into the planet. Descriptions of asteroids, spacecraft and a “Flight mode” which enable the user to fly in the space similar to a spacecraft. The reference this application used is wikipedia probably the only thing I am against and very¬†intrusive of pop-up adverts. Probably too advanced and less amusing to children of my target age group.

The Solar System for kids

Planets, the game explains the features of the planets by talking for example: I am earth the blue planet, then the EARTH will become thirsty and will turn light brown.

The player needs to direct the water hose to water the planet Earth which then makes Earth blue again. Simple tasks to keep the child’s attention/interest. The art style is children friendly giving the planets eyes mouth and arms to make them look and act similar to a human’s face.