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Future of mobile gaming

Virtual reality

At the moment, Samsung s7 line can be connected with the Virtual reality device and play games with it. Temple run is one of the most successful mobile games up to date and can now be played in virtual reality mode. I have played Temple run in virtual reality mode and it felt so amazing that enables you to look to your surroundings while running. The monsters that are chasing you can be seen when you look behind you and it makes it even more exciting.

Interactivity – adds excitement, fear or any other emotions to the player.


Pokemon Go wristband

This device enables the players to catch pokemons without looking at their mobile phone.

When a pokemon appears, the device will vibrate and flash green light.

If the Pokémon is a species you haven’t caught before, your Pokémon GO Plus will vibrate, and its light will flash yellow. But Poke Balls will be used not the Great and Ultra Balls.

Pressing the Pokemon GO plus button then will automatically attempt to catch the pokemon.

The light on your Pokémon GO Plus will pulsate white for a while as it attempts to catch the Pokémon.